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We strive to donate or recycle everything. You can be sure we will dispose of your old carpet responsibly.

Carpet Removal & Disposal

Carpet removal can be a pain, but what if it didn't have to be? Let's find out together! Whether you're remodeling your home, or just getting rid of your old carpet we can help.

At Daytona Waste, we will remove and dispose of all types of carpet. It can be a large area rug, a full room, a full house, or anything else. Also some local garbage services won't pick up a large amount of carpet in a single scheduled pick up. Rest assured that we will!  Also we dispose of the carpet in an eco-friendly manner. If it's in a good enough condition we will recycle or donate it.

How It Works

   It's Simple

  1. Make an appointment by texting/calling us or booking online.

  2. We contact you 30 mins prior to your appointment and arrive on time.

  3. Show or tell us what you want removed.

  4. We remove it and sweep up the area afterwards.

  5. Your worries are gone!

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Eco-Friendly Carpet Disposal

Your old carpet can help out the environment more than you thought possible when it's disposed of properly. Most carpets are made of plastic fibers which is composed of hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons are substances that come from fossil fuels. When recycled properly , old carpets help manufactures use less fossil fuels than carpets that just take up space in the landfill.


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