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We strive to donate or recycle everything. You can be sure we will dispose of your old mattress responsibly.

Mattress Removal & Disposal

Have you ever tried to remove a mattress by yourself? It's difficult. Especially if you're trying to move it down multiple flights of stairs. It only gets harder the bigger the mattress gets. The box spring isn't too difficult, but the mattress can be bulky, heavy, flimsy, and annoying. Let us take care of your mattress for you!

How It Works

   It's Simple

  1. Make an appointment by texting/calling us or booking online.

  2. We contact you 30 mins prior to your appointment and arrive on time.

  3. Show or tell us what you want removed.

  4. We remove it and sweep up the area afterwards.

  5. Your worries are gone!

Mattress Disposal .png

Dispose Of Your Mattress The RIGHT Way

  • Mattresses in good condition, free of stains and rips, can usually be donated to local charities. We will check to see if your mattress meets their conditions and donate them the proper way.

  • ​If your mattress doesn't meet a high enough standard to be donated, there's a chance that it can still be recycled. 90% of the mattress contains elements that can be recycled like the steel, cotton, and wood. We'll make sure it gets to the proper facility.


Learn more about What We Take and the Daytona Waste Advantage

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