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Refrigerator Removal & Disposal

We strive to donate or recycle everything. You can be sure we will dispose of your old refrigerator responsibly.

Why hassle with the headache of removing a refrigerator from your home? They can be incredibly bulky, really heavy, and extremely awkward to maneuver around corners. On top of that if you do get it out of your home and next the curb a lot of areas don't include refrigerator pick ups as part of their services. 

Thankfully we have a solution for your refrigerator. We'll come and pick it and usually offer same day service. We do everything from the heavy lifting to the eventual disposal of it. Whether that means it ends up being donated, recycled, or scrapped, you can be sure that we'll see the job from beginning to end!

How It Works


   It's Simple

  1. Make an appointment by texting/calling us or booking online.

  2. We contact you 30 mins prior to your appointment and arrive on time.

  3. Show or tell us what you want removed.

  4. We remove it and sweep up the area afterwards.

  5. Your worries are gone!

Why You Should Properly Dispose Your Old Refrigerator?

  • Refrigerators contain a greenhouse gas called freon. This chemical is toxic and harmful to the environment. This is why you want to make sure your old refrigerator is disposed of or recycled in a responsible way.

  • Daytona Waste will try to donate old refrigerators that still work.

  • If they aren't working, Daytona Waste takes the necessary steps to make sure the parts that can be recycled are.

  • Don't worry about the headache of doing this alone. Let us take your worries away! 


Learn more about What We Take and the Daytona Waste Advantage

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