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We strive to donate or recycle everything. You can be sure we will dispose of your old television responsibly.

Television Removal & Disposal

It's crazy to think about how big, bulky, and heavy televisions were just a few years ago! They're also getting cheaper every day. Meaning more and more people are replacing their outdated TVs for newer, lighter, better ones that take up a lot less space.

If you don't feel like figuring out how to get you're 300lbs out the door, give us a call! We'll come to your home, figure out a good way to safely remove it from your house, and dispose of it properly! Of course we'll recycle or donate it whenever we can. Let us take your worries away and you'll save money and time!

How It Works

   It's Simple

  1. Make an appointment by texting/calling us or booking online.

  2. We contact you 30 mins prior to your appointment and arrive on time.

  3. Show or tell us what you want removed.

  4. We remove it and sweep up the area afterwards.

  5. Your worries are gone!


Recycling Your TV Is The Way To Go

It may seem practical to just throw your TV out to the curb and forget about it, but many garbage services don't pickup electronics or TVs.

TVs contain many harmful chemicals. When they're thrown into a landfill these chemical can leak into and harm the environment. This is why proper recycling is essential to helping the environment. 

Daytona Waste will make sure that the recyclable parts of your television get to the proper facilities, and the parts that can't be recycled get disposed of properly.


Learn more about What We Take and the Daytona Waste Advantage

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